Wednesday, March 26, 2008

where have i been??

i've been missing in "blog" action for awhile. longer than normally, when i'm M.I.A-ing. so where have i been? what have i been doing? - well, the information is actually more for me than for anybody else..i want to know that i have not wasted precious time and moments. i want to know whether i have learnt something. i want to know whether i have done something good for someone.

let's see the snapshots.
19 March "World Gourmet Summit", Singapore Tourism Board & Rachel House Charity Night and WGS Preview - Press Conference. The preview dinner itself is tonight at Ritz Carlton.

14 March "Energy sharing session" Y&R and Sari Husada. Guest speaker is Robert Campbell, Y&R's Regional Creative Planning Director.

15 March "Drug abuse prevention talk show" with Kick Andy - in support of my dear good friend Veronica Colondam. A very useful talk definitely made me start reading Veron's book again and be more sensitive and aware of my son's action and environment.

what else? - lots of office politics, new business pitches [from january till february, we have pitched 5 new biz and won 2, now awaiting announcement for the rest - cross fingers], recruitment's, new client projects [Lotte Xylitol], Y&R APAC CEO visit, Digital new biz development, etc. it has been a real busy beginning of the year; which is great, of course!! can't complaint but thank God for the good start, good fortune. amien.

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