Sunday, August 19, 2007

avatar anyone?

This is my version of me!
I did it in a cool web "do-it-yourself" avatar, You can basically select, change, color from your face structure, colour..till the kind of environment the avatar you like to hang out. Then you can copy and place it on your Facebook, Friendster, Blogger, MySpace, etc.
I love my avatar...her name is Meez_lia.
Another inspiration of the million of things you can do with todays technology. If you browse inside the pages of Meez, you'll be surprised on how many products are sponsoring this site. People going in can also purchase different kind of clothing for their avatars..and it's not limited to can even buy a laptop or guitar or a Lance Armstrong yellow wriest band.
This is why I love provides brands a way to connect intimately with its customer and potential the most intimate way possible and learn their unspoken dreams and desires. Cool huh?

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