Friday, November 23, 2007

indonesia chapter 1st meeting

Last night was the first Asia 21 Indonesia Chapter official meeting. It was hoted by Sandi Uno at Kemang Hotel (looks great, food good..and the cosmopolitan martini was fantastic! Kudos!). Present was Sandi, Andru, Hendra, Lia, Christina, Daniel B., Eva, Nick (special guest from Asia 21 Australia) and the new kid on the Asia 21 block...Diono Nurjadin. we go..

Asia 21 Indonesia Chapter

Chairman: Sandi Uno (B06/Fellow 2008)
Co-Chairman: Andru Subowo (Fellow 2006)
Treasury: Daniel Budiman (B06) & Christina Lim (B06)
Secretary: Daniel M (B07)
Network Relations: Veronica Colondam (B06/Fellow 2007)
Communications: Lia Sunarjo (B06) & Meutya Hafidz (B06)

Members: all delegates and fellows

Advisors: all Asia Society International Committee

The Task:
1.Select a group of national young leaders from all sectors who would meet regularly to discuss challenges facing the country and the region, and develop specific public service projects to address these challenges
2.Interface with the Asia Society and the Asia 21 Initiative globally
3.Select and raise funds for a delegation to be sent to the Asia Fall Summit, in collaboration with Asia Society New York headquarters (ASNY)

4.Identify potential partners for satellite Asia 21 chapter, including Asia 21 fellows and other Summit delegates
5.Develop action plan and submit for review to ASNY
6.Develop selection process
7.Identify and solicit local partners

8.Host local meeting and develop communications network
9.Coordinate with Asia Society on Annual Asia 21 Summit

Good luck to us all..hopefully we can create a more inclusive world!!

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