Saturday, January 26, 2008

nice to be somewhere else

[lunch bareng Edhy Bawono, Yatti Suhaimi, Izabel, Prita, Sekar, Daniel Tumiwa, Julia Santoso, Ai, Rulita, Wawan, Gega, Okta dan Meuthia Kasim]
I never realise how great "time off" feels until yesterday when i met up with Meuthia and friends at Mandarin Spice, Senayan City.
Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. It is a feeling i missed. I have forgotten that there are tons of nice and great people out there that made living worthwhile and fun. Laughing about the good and bad times. And above all, how they appreciate and respect friendship.
No matter how bad things are currently in your life, if you are surrounded by friends and become strong, much stronger than the problem itself - so get some FRIEND POWER now!!
Hope i will have a chance to do this again!!!

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