Sunday, January 20, 2008

same body different mind.

I love this picture very's hope of love...what each one of us hope for deep inside their hearts.
This past couple of weeks taught me something really good. No matter how hard you work, no matter how big you sacrifice, and no matter how much you endure...nothing will be yours. You can't claim ownership of any form of object, success or feelings. You were born naked and you will die naked. The only difference and the only thing you can treasure is knowledge, memories, love, faith and passion. And all of this is within you. It is kept inside you.
Therefore, why do you kill yourself trying to keep "what you thought" was yours? You have fought, worked, sacrifice, endured pain, built and survived. But this is for you to move on to the next challenge and not for you to take. Let go and move forward. Your success is not measured on how much you have but on how much you can give up. You have contributed in society. You have contributed in the growth of the people around you. You have given your love, strength, time and knowledge to the people around you. You have made people stronger, knowledgeable and some even successful. So why do you still want to claim something that is just not yours.
You are successful (you are the only one who knows apart from God). Think about it. Isn't it true?

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