Sunday, February 22, 2009

i fell in love for the very first time...

with a hotel..[unbeliveable!]..but it's true..if you all visit Bangkok..please, please, please stay at the Mandarin's the most beautiful and sincere hotel I've ever stayed in.

It smells great the first time you enter the lobby..and soon after you are greeted and served all the way by the most sincere service staff..unbelievable is all i can say. their smiles and care comes from the bottom of their hearts. Well, if by chance they are all faking it, i would be frightened to be their spouses...can you imagine them faking orgasm everyday??? hahaha..

Anyway, at Mandarin Oriental, I actually went to their boutique and bought their toiletries..i did not steal the ones in the bathroom..i actually bought the hand cream, shower gel and room spray..i also bought some for friends as oleh oleh..

Food? good..i love the birch muesli for breakfast by the river..soooo mucho romantic!! the beef noodle is also a thumbs up!! yum...

*birch muesli i love...

Another thing that captured my attention was how beautiful the flower arrangements are in the whole hotel..i am not a flower girl but this time my female flower love erupted from my heart..i fell in love with flowers for the very first time..

Of course, if i tell you only the good part, you will definitely have the "too good to be true" feeling, right? well, there is only one incident..but because of the super nice staff, I've decided to waive it's kinda my stupidity too..haha

the story goes like this.."i arrived in Bangkok around 1AM in the took almost an hour for the luggage to arrive at the i took my bag and grab a cab..stupid me, not aware that a limo has been booked for me. So i took the scary can that did not know where mandarin oriental was but insisted to take me there. So i wrote on all my status starting from facebook, tweeter, msn, ym, bb, etc. that i was on a cab in Bangkok at 2AM and asked everyone to note the taxi number I've given out. 20 minutes later i arrived at the hotel..i went wow...checked in...said wow again in the in the everywhere..then i read the welcome letter and found out that the meeting starts at SEVEN AM!!! i rushed and went to bed at 3.30AM.. at around 4.30AM i woke up and went to pee...and suddenly i discovered a door that goes straight to the bedroom from the don't have to go around to actually go to the once I'm done, i opened the door and...SLAMMMMMM..POW..BUM!!..i bumped my head..there's glass!! so it's not a's not walk's head hurts..i could even see a stamp of my forehead on the glass..mucho head hurts..i see stars and birds..anyway, since i was very tired, so i decided to just ignore the pain and went back to sleep. at 6AM...wake up call..OMG, i had a big hump on my head..its as big as a golf ball!!...OMG...mucho embarrassing..I'm going to attend a regional meeting, in this lovely hotel with a huge golf ball on my forehead..the glass door was and is very sign of warnings at all.." - that's the only flaw of the hotel..FYI, it's been a week and i still have a hump on my head..a holistic memory from Bangkok..

*see the glass door behind my bag?

*the view from my room..the river..

*i met the famous bollywood star.."hi, Sanjay.." he's the Y&R BKK boss now!!

*the new airport is mucho cool

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